Our Support System: Doc H.

Our Support System: Doc H.

Sometimes we don’t know how lucky we are as an organization that rescues animals. We’re so often busy with what is right in front of us that needs our attention and planning for the next big chaotic event. We decided to do a running series of posts called “Our Support System” and essentially thanking those who are constantly there to support us in the chaos, tears, laughter, tail wags, and purrs. We would not be where we are without a solid support system.

Our first post in this series goes to Doc. Henderson from Henderson Veterinary Service. To visit her social media: Doc Henderson Facebook


Dr. Leslie Marie Henderson, DVM grew up in Chesnee, South Carolina on her Grandpa’s ranch. She had a variety of different animals growing up. Dr. Marie realized that she wanted to be a veterinarian at the young age of five, when she was so determined to help the local veterinarian with a C-section on one of her cows. This passion and determination never left her. During high school she started working for a nearby veterinarian. After graduating high school she attended Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina earning her B.S. degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. Dr. Marie then attended Veterinary School at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. After Veterinary School, Dr. Marie took a job in Cooperstown, North Dakota where she worked for almost 3 years before relocating in 2010 to Glen Ullin, North Dakota. She has spent the last 3.5 years at New Salem Veterinary Clinic in New Salem, North Dakota before deciding to start Henderson Veterinary Service. Dr. Marie and her husband Casey have 2 cats, Carmel and Monster, and 2 dogs Bailey and Sassy. In her spare time Dr. Marie likes to dabble in photography. Dr. Marie saw a need to provide pet owners with at home care after realizing that some pets may be less anxious at home. She also realized that it would provide added benefits for the elderly, home bound clients, and owners who had busy schedules. While the focus of Henderson Veterinary Service is mainly dogs and cats. Dr. Marie is still willing to provide some large animal services as well.

Doc. Henderson was introduced to our world by a volunteer who happened to do business in the small town of Glen Ullin, North Dakota. One thing led to another, connections were made, and numbers exchanged for future vet visits to be conducted. A relationship between a caring individual who happened to earn a veterinarian degree and a blossoming animal rescue was born. We started out by taking three or four animals every other week to Glen Ullin for services. We had volunteers help us with transports and the after care. Of course, each animal had their own story with specific levels of care that were to be met. Doc. Henderson continued to provide that service to us.

One day late last year, we were approached by a couple who had over 100 cats in their yard. They were overwhelmed and unable to figure out how to stop the continuous breeding. This was when our first large scale spay event occurred. Our team combined efforts with Doc. Henderson and A Cause for Claws’ Spay Mobile (affectionatly called the Neuter Scooter). Live traps were set out the night before so they could be caught and brought into the scooter, ensuring they had no food after a certain time. We worked from about 8 AM to 5 PM. To revisit our efforts: First Sterilization Project.


Doc H. prepping a kitty who was already sedated to begin surgery.


Volunteers continuing to provide services to kitties after surgery is complete. Doc. H. and her husband can be seen in the background in the operating room.

Since that event, Doc. Henderson has been our right hand woman with lending her services to us with scheduled spay events. We’ve had close to a dozen different weekends where we scheduled her services and our volunteers came together. Many of these events last until late in the evening, often going past 8 PM. But Doc. Henderson is passionate, driven, and has a love for helping animals; so we don’t stop her when she’s hard at work helping us continue our efforts of the importance of spaying and neutering or just basic veterinary care.


Blessing came to us early this year after she was attacked by another animal. Doc. Henderson worked her veterinarian magic and helped us get her on the path to a healthy life.


Timmy was brought into our care after the owner passed and the family didn’t want to keep him. He was suffering from an eye injury which led his eye being removed. Doc. Henderson stayed by his side until midnight in the scooter ensuring he had the best care possible.


Another shot of Timmy in the care of Doc. Henderson


Doc. Henderson can be seen in the background with her stethoscope as she provides services to a recent batch of puppies we took in from Fort Yates area.


We’ve been able to extend some of these services to those that are unable to afford a sterilization surgery for their pet at a discount rate of $75. If you’re interested in this service, please contact us at ffrrinc@gmail.com so we can have questions answered and get you booked in on the next event. Since this is a new service for us, please bear with us as we attempt to manage our fosters with this service.

Doc. Henderson doesn’t come to us without a price. We would never expect her to volunteer her services. She is always paid for her efforts. What she may not have bargained for are the relationships she’s built with all of our volunteers, the pride in saving another life, the joy of seeing a pet owner walk away with a new family member, success stories stemming from our rescue efforts, and the frustrations we see as a rescue coming from irresponsible pet owners or an over abundance of unwanted animals and strays.

To the Doc: Thank you above and beyond for your dedication, expertise, advice, exceptional level of care, and shared love for wanting to help the animals that come into our care. You are a key player to our success and are we so very lucky to have you on our side. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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