Fostering Saves Lives

Fostering Saves Lives

Fos*ter = To encourage or promote the development of something (typically something regarded as good); bring up (a child [Furry Friend] that is not ones own by birth).

Origin: Old English fōstrian ‘feed, nourish,’ from fōster ‘food, nourishment,’ of Germanic origin.

Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue is an ALL FOSTER based animal rescue. We do not have a building where someone can go to “see” the animals. Instead we rely on the dedicated, thoughtful, generous, and loving people that choose to open their hearts and their homes to animals in need. Many of these fosters have animals of their own. Many of them still choose to bring on two or three additional foster animals because they see the need to make a difference.

Consider becoming a foster family. The foster home is a necessary spoke in the animal rescue wheel – without them, no movement can occur. The ability to provide a temporary home to an animal in need is an immensely rewarding experience.

You, as the foster family, will have no expenses. All veterinarian care, surgeries, and supplies will be provided to the foster family for the animal on behalf of the rescue. This is why we are constantly conducting fundraisers.

You will play an active role in the adoption process. We take your opinion of the animal and what home environment it needs, very seriously. You know that animal more than anyone and your decision on the adopting family will be weighed heavily.

Are you a single cat family? Perhaps a one dog household? Consider fostering! This brings companionship to your animals without the burden of adding another pet to the home. It might take some time introducing the two critters, but with the proper techniques and tips, there shouldn’t be a long adjustment period.

Do you have kids? As long as your child knows how to properly treat an animal, we love having animals in homes with children. They form a special bond and the child can be great for the animal with adjustment, temper, and special personality characteristics. Something that we often hear from foster families with kids: the children may want to keep that animal they form an attachment to but they know how important it is to find it a home so they can save others and do the process all over again.

So what does a foster parent do? They raise and socialize the animals. They make sure that the animal is getting the recommended vet care to include spay and neutering. They might be tasked with medication for specific illnesses throughout the day. They may have to put a lot of work into one animal versus another. Most importantly, they make a difference — to the community and to the life of the animal.

Things to be aware of: 
– You will forever be known as the crazy animal lover among your family, friends, and coworkers. The conversation will just come up that you had kittens climbing the curtains while you were sound asleep or the dog you currently have suffers from anxiety and separation disorder, so much that he has to be by your side all the time.
– You will question your sanity. You will ask yourself more times than you can count, “Is this real life?” Good bye sanity, hello love and all things furry, cuddly, and cute.
– You will learn more than you ever intended on animal welfare and general care. A cat needs medication around the clock? No big deal, you got this. A puppy chews up your shoes? Good thing they were an old pair you used to mess around in the yard with.
– You will thank your lucky stars that the current foster animal you have doesn’t need as near as much medical attention as the last. There will come a time when you’re about four animals into your fostering journey when this thought crosses your mind.
– Finding an excuse to quit will be impossible. You will swear up and down, you won’t do it again. Then you look at the face of an animal in need and your heart melts.
– You will consistently look for additional endeavors to be just as rewarding. You might take on extra community projects with other nonprofits. You seek out other organizations because you have a fire to fuel by giving back.
– Single ladies and gents: people will flock to you! They’ll praise you for doing good in your community. They’ll swoon over the cute face of the furry friend in your care. You might even get a date out of the ordeal.
– You will become a mess cleaning professional. Without fail, every time you clean your foster babies’ mess, they will undo your hard work smugly and promptly. At first, this will frustrate you but eventually you’ll become desensitized to their messes. Pee, poo, shredded potty training pads, scattered kibble and blobs of unidentified substances – you will see and conquer it all. Nothing will scare you anymore.
– Say goodbye to valuable phone storage. Your camera roll on your phone will be covered in animal pictures. They laid a certain way and their paws just look adorable, better snap a photo!

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