The Truth About Declawing

The Truth About Declawing

Cats can be destructive to furniture, drapes, and skin! Consider these few facts before you declaw your cat.

Fact: Declawing is considered an American thing. It’s something people do for their own convenience without realizing what actually happens to their fur baby.

Fact: In our sister country, England, declawing is termed as inhumane and an unnecessary mutilation. In many European countries it is illegal. For a complete listing of countries that view declawing as illegal visit:

Fact: Declawing is NOT a manicure and requires serious surgery. It is a painful surgery that requires recuperation.  Your cat will still have to walk, jump, scratch in the litter box despite any pain they may experience post-surgery. This is not a surgery to be taken lightly.

Fact: Your cat’s claw is NOT a toenail, it is closely adhered to the bone, so close that to be removed, the last bone of your cats claw has to be removed.

Fact: Declawing is actually considered an amputation of the joint of your cat’s toes. When you can envision that, it becomes clear why declawing is not humane.

Fact: A cats claws are an important part of their design. Amputating this part of their anatomy will drastically alter the conformation of their feet. Claws are a primary means of defense and if your cat were to ever escape outdoors, they would be hindered from defending themselves.

So declawing is drastic, but how do you keep your household intact? Visit for more in depth information on what you can do to provide your cat with alternate methods of declawing. You can also view the psychology of why cats scratch.

Other options include keeping your cats nails trimmed. You can do this by visiting a groomer or learning how to clip their nails yourself. You will only have to clip the front nails to keep your furnishings intact. Also, consider adding Soft Paws to your cats nails. They are a vinyl nail cap that is glued to the front claws. These are ideal to use when young children are present in the home. Lastly, don’t forget to offer scratching posts throughout your house. This will diminish unwelcome scratching behavior.

Not yet convinced? Visit for more in depth, scientific, and realistic picture of declawing.

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