1. Fostering:

What is the process of becoming a foster home?

The first step is for you to fill out a foster application. Upon receipt of your application, we will review, schedule a time to meet with you to conduct a home visit, and contact your references. Please allow us several days for these items to be completed. Upon approval, you will be required to complete a foster contract. When an animal becomes in need of a home, a coordinator will contact you for placement.

Which animal will need a foster home?

We get many requests from the general public to take in an animal. We work with the BisMan impound as well as surrounding impounds to bring animals into our care. We give fosters the ample amount of time to decide if they can take in that animal.

Do I get to choose which animal I foster?

We try to match the foster home to the right foster animal. If you have certain restrictions (e.g. you are allergic to cats, don’t want large dogs, etc) please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. You can designate by being a cat only or dog only foster.

How much will it cost to foster?

There is no cost to fostering an animal for FFRR. You may be required to transport the animal to the vet for their appointments. FFRR will fund the vet care and core necessities. If you want to purchase any items of your own for foster care, we will be happy to provide you with a receipt of purchase for tax purposes.

How long does it take for the animal to get adopted?

We cannot make any promises regarding how long a particular animal will be in your home.

Will I be involved in choosing the animal’s new owner?

We have found that foster homes are the best judge for what kind of home is needed for their foster pet. You will be involved in the process of meeting the adopters and their families.

Can I adopt my foster animal?

Yes, we do allow this. We ask that foster homes let us know immediately of their decision to adopt their foster as we may need to contact other in-process applicants for the animal. We require the foster home to pay the adoption donation fee.

2. Adopting:

I am interested in one of your animals. Can I have someone contact me to discuss it before I apply?

Please do not contact us and ask for personal assistance until you’ve completed a pre-adoption application. Our resources are stretched and we simply don’t have the time to answer questions from people who are not serious about adopting from us. Please fill out an application as your first form of contact. We will process it, and the personal assistance will follow.


We do not allow you to visit with animals before you’ve completed the process anyway, out of respect for the privacy and security of our foster homes. Asking for a special exception will only waste your time and ours, and that takes resources away from rescuing animals. Be considerate, be helpful, be patient, and we’ll do our best to process your application quickly without undue delay.

What are your adoption fees?

Adoption donation fees are:

Kittens are $125 + tax

Adult cats are $80 + tax

Puppies are $225 + tax

Adult dogs are $175 + tax

ONEder Pets are $75 + tax

Is the animal I’m interested in still available?

We try to keep our website current. If an animal is listed as ‘Available for Adoption’ on our website, then we are still accepting pre-adoption applications for the animal.

Is the animal I’m interested housebroken, good with kids, good with dogs, good with cats, etc?

We try our best to provide all the information we know about a particular animal on their profile page. Please fill out a pre-adoption application and review the animal profile page, before asking further questions.

Can I meet the animal before I fill out a pre-adoption application?

We do not have a shelter that you can visit to “see” the animals. The animals in our rescue are in foster homes, where we can get to know them as family pets. You can only meet our animals during our Meet & Greet Events at various community locations. Watch our website and social media for when these events occur.


We do have a working relationship with Bismarck PetSmart. They recognize us as a national nonprofit animal rescue and we house many of our cats there for the general public to view and adopt, outside of Meet & Greet Events.

Can I try out the animal before I commit to adopting him or her?

Yes, you will be encouraged to meet the animal either in the foster’s home or somewhere that suits you both. Many prospective adopters also bring along their own pets to meet the new one.

I really have to have a particular animal I saw on the web site. If I’m first to apply for that animal, do I get them?

No. We do not place animals on a first come, first served basis. Our main goal is to act in the best interest of each animal. We will evaluate all interested potential homes based on the needs of the particular animal. Most of these animals have been abandoned and neglected, and we do everything within our power to make sure they go to their forever home where they will be loved unconditionally.


Our foster homes weigh heavily in placement decisions as they have the knowledge and insight into the needs of their foster animal. The foster’s assessment of the animal/adopter interaction and interview with the potential adopter will be taken into serious consideration in any determination of approving a specific adoption.

Do you adopt outside of the local Bismarck-Mandan area?

Yes, we do. We do require a home visit to be completed before we can place an animal in a home. Even though we have volunteers across the state of North Dakota, if we are unable to find one in your location, we will ask for three additional references.

If the adoption isn’t working out, can I give the animal back?

Our contract states that you must return the animal to our rescue if you cannot keep it.

3. Volunteering:

I want to volunteer, what are my options?

We have a wide variety of how you can be active in our organization. We need volunteers to serve on our teams within the organization. We have teams that comprise of events/fundraisers, adoption, intake, home visits, transports, media, and foster. If you have a special niche you want to share with us, we are open to possibilities to bring you into our organization.

I’m not 18 or 21, can I still volunteer?

Yes. We have special events where you will be able to volunteer your time without your age becoming a restriction. You may be learning photography, or have a passion for graphic design, or love to write; all things you consider a special skill that could be useful, please include that on your volunteer application. We have a diverse set of volunteers, and welcome creativity or a variety of skills to our organization. Your age will not restrict you from being a part of our organization.

Can I claim my volunteer time with FFRR for special volunteer hours?

Absolutely. We will sign off on any mandated form to count for your time. Feel free to be creative with your time. If you spent four hours designing a new merchandise item for us, you can include that in your volunteer time. If you spent two hours doing home visits, include that in your volunteer time.

Can I claim the volunteer time on my resume?

Yes. We encourage you to do so! On most resumes, the volunteer experience is listed as additional experience with a list of your duties or responsibilities.