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Why Should I Foster?

Many animal lovers can’t keep a pet because of time commitments, space limitations, or other prohibiting factors. But re-working your life to care for a dog or cat temporarily, is a more feasible option.


Foster homes are essential to our rescue. They help ensure that animals in need are not euthanized and provide a safe, temporary home for rescued pets to transition into their forever families. The animals in foster care benefit greatly from living in a home environment. For some of our pets, the love and care that they receive from their foster families, may be a first.

How long is a dog or cat in foster care?

Animals can be in foster care anywhere from a few days to a few months.

What does the foster home provide?

As a Furry Friends foster home, you provide love, shelter, and care the animals need and we will provide the financials. If you decide to pay for anything out of pocket, all costs are tax-deductible.


We also ask the foster family to treat the foster pet like any other member of the family. Get to know their personality and share what’s special about your foster pet with our rescue to help us tell his/her story on our website and social media.


You will meet with prospective pet parents and will be a heavy opinion on the final decision about the home that will be best for your foster pet

What if I want to adopt my foster dog or cat?

If you decide the foster is a good match for your family, you are eligible to adopt the pet. You will be required to pay the adoption donation fee.

What if my foster dog or cat is not a fit?

Furry Friends will follow up with you during the first few weeks of fostering to ensure that the foster animal is a good fit for your family and will find a new foster home for any animal that is not a match for you.

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