Owner Surrender Process

Thank you for contacting us regarding the surrender of your animal. We are sorry to hear things aren’t working in your home.


Furry Friends is a 100 percent volunteer-ran, foster-based organization, and we rely on fosters to take animals into their homes while they wait for adoption to their forever homes. This limits us on the quantity of animals we are able to take in and are often full to capacity with a waiting list. In order to continue offering the services we do, we address owner surrenders in the following fashion:

First, we will do a courtesy post on our social media pages to see if we can help you to rehome your animal. Before we can do so, please provide all the following information:

  • How old is the animal?
  • What breed is the animal?
  • Is the animal spayed/neutered?
  • Is the animal up to date on shots? If so, can vet records be provided as proof?
  • Does the animal have any known medical conditions?
  • Does the animal have any special needs?
  • Is the animal good with cats?
  • Is the animal good with dogs?
  • Is the animal good with children?
  • Does the animal show any signs of aggression? If so, what triggers it? (E.g. food, toys, small dogs, etc.)
  • Provide any additional information such as what the animal likes, dislikes, needs, etc.
  • Provide a photo.
  • Provide a contact phone number.
    • Please note this number will be posted publicly and providing us with this information grants us permission to do so.

Next, we ask that you also contact other area rescues to see if they have openings.

  • Central Dakota Humane Society 701-667-2020
  • Kitty City 701-752-6594

If all other resources are exhausted, we will strive to take your animal under the following conditions:

  • Please understand that we cannot guarantee we can take your animal immediately. We will take in your animal when a foster home becomes available.
  • We require a minimum surrender fee of $50.00 per animal. This allows us to care for your animal until we can rehome it.
    • If your animal requires medical treatment or there are multiple animals we reserve the right to charge additional fees.
  • FFRR reserves the right to do an assessment prior to taking the animal.
  • An owner surrender form will need to be signed upon the surrender of your animal.

Due to the high volume of cats that come through the rescue, we are unable to accept every surrender request, in which case we may offer to courtesy post on social media instead.


We try our best to process each application as it comes, but please know that this takes time, often several weeks, because we are all volunteers with families and full-time jobs.


If you are experiencing an emergency, immediately contact a veterinarian, as we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice.


To streamline the surrender process please have full vet records and clear, well-lit photos of the animal(s) you wish to surrender available to be submitted with the application. You will be given an email address within the application to submit these documents to.


Once submitted, your application will be waitlisted in the order in which it was recieved.

Thank you for respecting the steps in our surrender process. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ffrrinc@gmail.com.


Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue