Hi, my name is Zohra and let’s just say the beginning of my life has not been easy. I had been living on the streets of Bismarck when a great volunteer heard my cries while she was out walking the dogs from the rescue. I was scared so I took off running, but she decided that I needed help and caught me. In order to survive I had been eating old cooked shortening that had been dumped on the ground so not only was it in my stomach, but also all over my tiny body. I also had cockleburs stuck in my fur and skin.

They rushed me to the vet were I had a hospital stay for a couple of days as the vet said he had never seen blood look so horrible. But with their help I have made a full recovery and my fur is coming back where the cockleburs where.

My foster mom thinks I am pretty sweet as I love to be cuddled. I have a foster buddy name Cheddar, we spend our days sleeping and playing together, it has been great to have a friend. Just so you know I would love to have a steady diet of soft food along with the hard stuff, because it is much better tasting than the shortening I had been eating. I am so excited to go into my forever home.

Zohra is about 5 months and looks to be a long haired tabby. She has had her first shot. No rabies yet.

Not fixed as Dr. Matt wants to wait.

Breed: DMH
DOB: Approximately May 4, 2019
Gender: Female
Origin: Stray
Sterilized: Pending
Up to date on vaccination: Yes; will need boosters
Fostered with: Cats and dogs
Special needs: none
Adoption fee: $80

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