Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue is amazing and I’m so thankful for them matching me with my cat Arthur, who also goes by grandpa. I needed some extra love in my life and Arthur gives me nothing but love. He was shy at first, but now greets me at the door everytime he hears my keys. His favorite place to be scratched is under his chin, and my boyfriend has taught him to high five in return for petting! He’s the best cat a girl could ask for, and I am so happy that these guys were here to help me find him.

Destinee H. - Adopter

We adopted our little chihuahua from FFRR he is such a sweet dog!! So glad they matched him with our family! Thank you for all you guys do for the animals!

Harley A. - Adopter

Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue are amazing – we asked for help in the search for our lost cat Oscar and their volunteers were answering immediately, they also came on Easter to help us look at one cat that looked like our Oscar. We have not found our cat yet and continue the search, but there is hope if there are organizations like FFRR and people who support them. Thank you that you are out there!

Mariana M. - Follower

We have had Meadow for 5 months and she is a delight! She is ALL cat and has us trained perfectly. Loved working with Furry Friends!

Sandy F. - Adopter

Their team is amazing, including the foster parents! The whole experience was wonderful and painless. They made sure that everyone was happy and comfortable. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Stef S. - Adopter

I love this group, I found my cat Eli, who was up for adoption. He only has three legs but he melted my heart. Thank you for Eli we love him and he is very happy here with the girls and violet our other kitten.

Siobahn H. - Adopter

Adopted my cat here. They made it very easy! It was love at first sight, over two years ago now. Lily has become my companion. She sleeps with me, reads with me, studies with me, and goes where ever I go! She has become like a therapy cat for me and she brings me great love and joy. She is absolutely perfect for me! She has drunken syndrome and it was part of how she ended up at FFRR. I have never been so in love with a pet before and I am still so glad to have her!

Heather B. - Adopter

Love working with Furry Friends!! They took their time and helped us find the exact right dog for us and now we have our puppy Koda. I recommend all my friends and family to work with them! Thank you Furry Friends!

Britany B. -Adopter

I moved to rural Bismarck approximately six years ago and began feeding and providing shelter for stray cats in my area. I tried finding homes for many of these cats and their offspring without success. I recently partnered with Rockin’ Rescue to help, and they have already placed two of my kittens in fantastic homes. Thank you!

Jody M. - Cat Foster Mom

We adopted one of the puppies on the FFRR banner. She is the golden puppy with the white stripe doen her face. Hokee is her name and she is approximately 8 months old. She is quite the character and keeps us busy. We love Hokee because she has so much personality. Thank you FFRR for all that you do!

Vickay G. - Adopter